What We Do

Visual Identity
Very often the first introduction a person has to your business or nonprofit is your logo. Drake Creative designs visual identity systems that convey your story because we build them from your story by learning as much as we can about your organization, where it came from and where it’s going.

We apply visuals systematically to everything involved in your communications (what’s known as a style guide) so that you’re always building a consistent brand at the same time you’re ensuring people recognize who you are, and that everyone inside and outside your organization has the tools they need to ensure they do so as well.

Messaging Platform
Truth be told, we always prefer to create messaging platforms before we create visuals. Write the story first. Illustrate it second. Stay on point and expand the message organically. Messaging can cover a lot of ground, so here’s something explain it.

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Experiential Design
Drake applies our work in identity and messaging development to permanent placemaking and signage systems design for interpretive, wayfinding, and identity. This work can include exterior sign design, internal sign systems, identity signage for business, wayfinding for any location, as well as developing sign content and theme for interpretive signage. This shows you what we mean.

What's in a place?

Event Design
We group event, exhibit and theatrical design in this category. We design graphic elements, projection, signage, and video installation to transform spaces into thematic or branded place. We have designed temporary installations, projections, and animations at venues including the Apollo Theater, Lincoln Center, the New Orleans Superdome and Superdome Arena, the Hammerstein Ballroom, Carnegie Hall, ABC Carpet & Home, Walkway Over the Hudson State Park, the Urban Zen Center, and the Ted Conference in Long Beach. This shows how we approached an event at Carnegie Hall.

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