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How to stop traffic

How to stop traffic

January 9, 2018   |   Experiential

Alex and I share a trait with our dogs: we’ll offer you unconditional love if you’ll feed us. Maybe that’s why we keep getting fun diners to design.

Red Line Diner is perfectly located at the busy intersection of two highways in Fishkill, New York. We wanted to create a fun and sexy beacon that would bring a good portion of that traffic into the restaurant. Given that all of the traffic would get there by car, we played with cars as our theme.

Using a tachometer was a no brainer. It says heat. It says speed. It says performance. It says fun. All characteristics you want when you walk through any diner’s doors. And whether it’s the location, the Vanikiotis’ reputation for excellent restaurants, or that sexy red sign, they’ve been packed since they opened.