Bank of Millbrook Identity System

Client: Bank of Millbrook

Type: Identity Systems

Location: Millbrook, New York

The customer's story is the bank's story

Bank of Millbrook identity and advertising designed by Drake CreativeWhen we started this project we figured the best way to understand the client was to pound the pavement. We set out in the Hudson Valley village of Millbrook and asked people there what they thought of the bank (promising everything would remain completely confidential, of course). We had no idea what they were going to tell us.

Bank of Millbrook identity and advertising design by Drake CreativeOne after the other told us stories about how the bank had gone out of its way to help them do their jobs, run their companies, meet inventory deadlines and more, often managed in mere minutes at the end of the work day. They called the person they knew there and that person took care of it. So we determined to make the Bank’s message about real relationships with real clients. And we lucked out because their clients are super photogenic.

Bank of Millbrook identity and advertising design by Drake CreativeThat’s where we developed the tag line, call it value proposition if you like, “The Strength of Relationships” and it has been the primary driving factor in everything we’ve developed for the bank right down to their logo, which represents the fabric that holds a community together.