Born Digital Book Launch Event Design

Client: Tang Institute, Phillips Academy

Type: Experiential Design

Location: Kemper Hall, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

Bringing digital youth into the conversation with the screens in their hands

Born Digital event design, Phillips Academy, by Drake CreativeJohn Palfrey’s book Born Digital takes a look at the first generation of humans to have digital exposure from their birth and what that will mean over the next decades. This second edition was launched at Kemper Hall and Phillips Academy, where Palfrey is head of school, and had a panel comprised of Andover and public school students. The event was organized by the Tang Institute at Andover, which encourages students to draw connections between online and offline learning.

Born Digital event design, Phillips Academy, by Drake CreativeThe Tang Institute wanted us to transform an assembly hall into a space that reflected the the panel’s discussion. We took advantage of three projectable spaces, using one as the primary driver of content/theme, one as an interactive social media aggregator that audience members could use to take part in the discussion, and a wall that provided information about how the audience could become involved.