Dyson Foundation Website Design

Client: Dyson Foundation

Type: Identity Systems

Location: Millbrook, New York

How do you make it easier for nonprofits to access grant funding?
Newly launched Dyson Foundation website

This is the third website we’ve designed – second redesign – for the Dyson Foundation over the past two decades. In working with a client over time, you can gain a deep understanding of both institutional memory, and shifts in communication priorities. You also see how these are influenced by the increasing sophistication of a web-based audience. Today’s Dyson website can be much simpler and more streamlined than previous iterations, creating the opportunity for Dyson to curate content flow in more engaging ways.

As one of the biggest private funders in the mid Hudson Valley, Dyson stays on top of the principle needs for the region. Over the years we’ve worked together, they have adapted their funding priorities to account for economic fluctuation, health crises, and areas of greatest promise for area development. They’ve also increasingly focused on the professionalization of nonprofits to help them with management and long-term sustainability.

Communicating their funding priorities informs Dyson’s most fundamental message and therefore permeates every aspect of their website. This can serve multiple purposes including efficiency for potential grantees performing research, efficiency for staff in the decreased frequency of phone calls, and even idea generation for grantees about the types of projects they can undertake to have a better shot at funding.

And the goal, not just for this website but every one, should be to make things easier for all.

Dyson Foundation identity design by Drake Creative
Dyson Foundation website, second iteration, 2015-2023