Dyson Foundation Identity System

Client: Dyson Foundation

Type: Identity Systems

Location: Millbrook, New York

How do you make it easier for nonprofits to access grant funding?

Dyson Foundation identity design by Drake CreativeFor over 60 years the Dyson Foundation has been a major funder in the Hudson Valley. Clarity is so important for them. They want their identity to be clear from a distance. They want people to understand whether they qualify for grants and how to get one from the moment they reach their website. They want to present their year in review so that you can grasp what the foundation is doing at a glance.

We have emphasized simplicity and clarity in everything we do for Dyson. As a result of the first web design we did for them a decade ago (not pictured here) call volume to the foundation with questions about grants dropped considerably, while relevant grant applications increased. It’s amazing what simplicity can do.