Half Moon’s Almost Maine Event Design

Client: Half Moon Theatre Company

Type: Experiential Design

Location: Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

Every detail should advance the story

Almost Maine, Half Moon Theatre, designed by Drake CreativeThe sequences in John Cariagne’s play Almost Maine are broken up by aurora borealis. Quite often this is created with stage lighting and the results can be underwhelming. We determined to create auroras that played thematically into each segment of the play.

Falling back on old rotoscoping techniques for film, we created 8 instances of aurora, collecting footage from various films, cutting away the motion we wanted for the aurora, and using color and blur filters to create realistic looking effects in the sky. The motion for each was unique, and the result gave the audience a moment to meditate on what they’d just seen.

Sadly Half Moon has folded their tents. They were a terrific regional theater company and they are missed.