Family Services brand and communications strategy

Client: Family Services

Type: Experiential Design, Identity Systems, Storytelling

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Identity – organically grown
Family Services identity design by Drake Creative

The first time I asked Family Services to explain to me what they do they said: “We do so many things it’s hard to explain.” More than one person there said that. And the truth is, they do a lot of things. They have seven program areas, and each has three, four, or more sub-program areas.

We set out to do a comprehensive brand and communications strategy for them, so they could answer the question in a slightly better way.

We took our time delving into the process in a way that allowed us to know not just what they do, but who does it and why. Why does this staff for this enormous human services organization in Poughkeepsie, NY, work so hard?

Design thinking workshops with Family Services by Drake Creative

Through a series of six workshops, some focused on message, some focused on design, we played games, worked through design-thinking exercises, made prototypes, and explored what makes good identities work, and how did all of this apply to Family Services?

What we discovered is that each of these programs was about improving community, making people’s lives safer, giving them the tools they need to find opportunity. And as we uncovered that, everyone in the room was nodding their heads. Their vision became: Stronger safer communities where everyone has the opportunity to lead their best lives.

Family Services identity design by Drake Creative

When ideas happen organically, you avoid the painful, often fruitless, word-smithing gyrations people go through when think they’re supposed to come up with a vision (or the rest of a communications strategy for that matter). They’re so busy thinking about what they actually want, they don’t have time to get lost in minutiae.