Original Editorial Film for Clients (vs Promotional)

Client: FDR Library editorial films

Type: Storytelling, Video Production

Location: Hyde Park, New York

History that entertains and educates

We make two types of films, promotional and original. Promotional or commercial films do what they describe, promote your organization. But some clients like the FDR Presidential Library and Museum hire us to create original content that can be used for screening, broadcast, exhibits, or classroom education. These are editorial films.

Our background in film goes back to Eternal Memory: Voices of the Great Terror, directed by David Pultz and narrated by Meryl Streep, and we follow a traditional path towards making a film. This begins with research, assembling writing and visuals teams, followed by shoots, interviews, animation (as needed), and then post production.

These projects make the most sense for organizations like FDR, that have a story to tell as part of their mission, or V-Day, who make art to effect change. They are involved and a significant commitment of time and resources.

How does this benefit a client? By producing content that aligns with mission. It advances the story of the organization by telling a part of that story.

These two animated short documentaries (created for screenings and education) are our most recent work.

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