Page Management Group Identity System

Client: Page Management Group

Type: Identity Systems

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

When the area is full of Pages, what do you do to stand out

In Dutchess County, Page is a name you see a lot. Henry Page and his brothers started their first businesses here a century ago. Their kids started businesses. And their kids started businesses. So what do you do when you have to differentiate not only from your competition, but from the family name?

We like to know what our clients think, so we spent a lot of time with Karen, Henry III, and Kevin Page talking about their leasing and real estate holdings business, and we also spent with their clients. There were a lot of elements to this project, name, messaging system, visual identity platform. And it all derived from the care we saw the Pages take for their clients, and the overwhelmingly positive things their clients had to say.

You know, when someone will take an hour out of their workday to talk to you – positively – about their landlord, that’s a pretty good sign. It’s the kind of thing you can use to build an identity that stands out from the pack.