Transportation Council brand strategy

Client: Dutchess County Transportation Council

Type: Identity Systems, Storytelling

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Better ways from here to there

Transportation Council Brand Strategy

Over the years of working with our clients, we’ve learned better and better ways to get to the core ideas that help them communicate. We all have preconceptions about who we are, so we’ve sought out systems that help people better express what they want to become. In this way, communications become strategy. You tell people where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

And you can always find a better way to where you’re going.

The Dutchess County Transportation Council spends a lot of time thinking about where people are going, and how best to get them there safely. As urban planners, they have to imagine transportation decades into the future, even when they’re answering questions about safety issues today.   

Our systems helped DCTC refine the core idea of what they do and express it efficiently – perhaps for the first time ever. We distilled the idea of planning a trip, not just across town, but into the future down to: Better ways from here to there.

Once we understood DCTC’s core idea, visual concepts presented themselves. The resulting mark, a series of arrows in motion, show many ways to make progress, and many concerns in need of movement from here to there. With proper planning, data, and resources, they can complement one another, individually moving in the direction they need to go.

By building forward movement and future planning into all aspects of communications, the work becomes the brand.

Transportation Council Brand Strategy