V20 ABC Carpet & Home Event Design

Client: VDAY

Type: Experiential Design

Location: New York, NY

Powerful stories with style

ABC Carpet & Home window design by Drake Creative for VDAYABC Carpet & Home is known for an eclectic style that feels distinctly New York City, the marrying of various cultures, bold color choices, and creaking warehouse floors that feel like an old loft space. ABC has also long supported our long-time client VDAY, and in February, 2018, they gave us a window to celebrate 20 years of working to end violence against women and girls.

ABC Carpet & Home window design by Drake Creative for VDAY

VDAY uses art to turn pain to power and art serves as the foundation for their activism. In making the voices of normal people be heard, they are transforming the world at a grassroots level. We took a guerrilla approach to this design, emulating walls covered in posters and graffiti while layering images of the activists in the space in between the viewer and the wall.