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The Fight in Ukraine is a Fight for Truth

The Fight in Ukraine is a Fight for Truth

April 10, 2022   |   Ukraine

Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine.

We need to start with that message. As a communications firm, we feel dismay when we witness these mechanisms used to whitewash atrocities, and the Russian atrocities taking place defy comprehension. Normal human beings can’t process acts this cruel and barbaric enacted upon other human beings. When innocent children make up so many of the victims, we experience shock just to be able to survive emotionally.

Russian propaganda serves the purpose of filling the media with so many lies that people stop believing anything at all. Compounding the problem, prominent voices in the West, on the payroll of our major media companies, cynically amplify those messages because distrust in our institutions, and in competing media firms, foments rage, improves ratings, and helps advertising sales. Russia understands how to manipulate our system. Give us a chance to make money and we’ll sell you our children.

Except that doesn’t represent most of us. Not everyone in the West or in the US is an influential voice who’s “just asking questions,” that happen to correspond to Kremlin press releases. Not everyone here is willing to sell advertising doing that so they can meet shareholder return expectations. We have to stop supporting the people who do.

This crisis goes well beyond Ukraine and innocent Ukrainian lives. It strikes at the institutions that hold power to account. It’s intentional, thought out, and goal oriented.

Ukrainian War Posters

But we can hold these manipulative voices to account by helping Ukraine not only survive, but defeat Russia, and by bringing those who played a role to trial. We can turn our backs on voices that spread the propaganda of, let’s face it, our enemies. We can stop buying products that advertise with them.

And because honestly and clarity matter, you should know I’m Ukrainian. I have family and friends there. But while this is personal, it’s also a moral obligation to stop those who abuse power and destroy lives.

This 21st Century rise in authoritarianism and disinformation threatens everyone’s human rights. We support Ukraine and Ukrainians not just because I’m Ukrainian, but because we support humanity.

Here are ways you can help:

Humanitarian Aid

Managed by Ukrainian Congress Committee of America in NYC, they have access and they are delivering critical supplies.

Independent Journalism
The Kyiv Independent has been critical in documenting Russian war crimes and providing knowledgeable, on-the-ground reporting. Independent journalism is critical in the fight against disinformation.

Keep Ukraine’s Media Going
This is a general fund for independent journalism in Ukraine. As we’ve seen in Russia, the disappearance of independent voices that hold the state accountable make modern atrocities possible.

Helping Ukrainians Defend Themselves
This is a direct fund to Ukrainian armed forces. This money helps people to defend themselves from aggressors looking to annihilate them, their history, and their culture. This isn’t funding war, it’s funding survival.

ProEnglish Theater
This organization has been both sheltering people and delivering aid around Kyiv. They are the essence of humanity, and they continue to create important art in the face of horror.

Ukrainian Emergency Performing Arts Fund
Microgrants to help artists who have stayed in Ukraine. The voice and witness of artists in the face of Russian atrocities are critical both as a record and to help us all cope with the unthinkable.

Poster artwork by:


Bottom right: Egle Plytnikaite

Bottom left: Mari Kinovych

Top right: Kate Jacuszek

Top left: Oleg Bilyi