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The nature of taking a break to clear your head

The nature of taking a break to clear your head

September 12, 2018   |   Identity

I’ll admit that from time to time, I drop what I’m doing and scroll through social media. Am I the only one?

Didn’t think so.

Knowing that I do this, I’ve populated my social media, Instagram and Twitter in particular, with accounts that feature stunning photography of our planet, also known as earth porn. One of my favorite teachers told me to take a walk in nature whenever the pressure builds and I lose focus. Social media is a poor substitute but sometimes it’s what we get.

That’s because we’re all under an increasing amount of pressure – to get more done, to be more competitive in a globalizing economy, to have the most perfect lives on Facebook, and to process an exploding amount of information. My brain implodes almost every single day. Seriously, I had to stop myself from reaching for my phone just now.

That pressure isn’t just on humans. The planet faces increasing population, an ever-growing consumption of natural resources, rises in pollution and carbon emissions, all side effects of the development that keeps our economies afloat.

And as this planet develops, there are fewer and fewer places for people to take my teacher’s advice and go for a walk in nature. Our client the Winnakee Land Trust makes it their mission to preserve beautiful lands in Dutchess County and make them accessible for everyone.

In taking on the design of their visual identity, we wanted to let the beauty of the nature they’ve worked so hard to preserve speak for them. Our logo approach underlines that beauty, draws the viewer in, and entices you to visit these locations, which are free and open to the public. Because everyone needs the opportunity to escape the pressure sometimes.

Now, put down your phone and visit – and support – the Winnakee Land Trust»