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We Dare Not Fail

We Dare Not Fail

February 16, 2023   |   Video Production

Most of the Tuskegee Airmen just wanted to become pilots. They didn’t join the military to become symbols of freedom, and yet their story shines a light on injustice met with dignity and perseverance. We Dare Not Fail, a new animated short by Drake Creative, tells the story of the Tuskegee Airmen in a way we hope both enlightens and entertains.

Fourteen months ago we started on this follow up animated film for the FDR Presidential Library and Museum after Everyone Has the Right, the story of Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We had considerable talent that teamed with us: Julian Dwyer as illustrator, stage actor Tony Melson as narrator, author Alisa Kwitney as story supervisor, and former Air Force historian Dan Haulman as our project historian. And of course we had the people and resources of the FDR Library, as well as the New York Community Trust, who made it all possible.

You can see the film here. This particular link also includes a post-screening interview with director Dean Temple, Julian Dwyer, and Tony Melson.