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We think cows are a big deal

We think cows are a big deal

July 26, 2018   |   Identity

Hudson Valley Fresh farmers all agree on one thing. You don’t take on dairy farming as just a job. The hours are long and because you’re caring for living, breathing animals, everything is on their terms. You do this because you love it.

And this small cooperative of educated, intelligent, and dedicated farmers produces some of the finest quality, healthiest milk in the country. That’s a scientific measurement, not an opinion.

Since 2000 in the US, 42,000 dairy farmers have gone out of business. Recognizing the beginning of this trend around that time, the farmers of Hudson Valley Fresh decided that since their milk was a better quality, they needed to charge enough to cover their costs.

That’s even more the case today. Milk prices have dropped to $13/hundred weight, and the cost of production averages in at about $23/hundred weight (varies by farm). Hudson Valley Fresh has enabled its farmers to make that, plus a little bit more, all while providing the consumer with a better milk.

We’re in the process of helping Hudson Valley Fresh tell the story of their brand, but we thought we’d go ahead and show you some of the pictures we’ve been taking.