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You can talk or you can keep moving

You can talk or you can keep moving

Leah Feldman champions big ideas. The CEO of Family Services loves to seize on a concept and do something remarkable with it, so when she told us she wanted to run 50 miles to raise money, that felt very much in character.

She raised a thousand dollars for every mile, but set something much bigger in motion – the idea that no one from Family Services will stop running by your side until every one of us has crossed the finish line.

Good stories don’t come from nowhere. They center around ideas, like Family Service’s why statement and mission. The organization believes that everyone has the right to thrive. And when everyone thrives, we have stronger, safer communities for all. When a core idea underscores your communications, that’s mission-driven content.

Enough telling – watch this short video to see 50 miles of showing.

Leah Feldman at the start of her 50 mile run