Walkway Starry Starry Night event design

Client: Walkway Over the Hudson

Type: Experiential Design, Identity Systems, Storytelling, Video Production

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

A vision 10 years in the future

Starry Starry Night 2019 Event Design by Drake Creative
Walkway Over the Hudson is the longest elevated pedestrian in the world, which makes it the sort of destination that is visited by close to a million people a year. That’s a lot of people for a state park, and this is only their tenth year of existence.

Walkway Over the Hudson 10 year campaign design by Drake Creative

As part of their tenth year celebration, we developed a new promotional campaign as well as a video that looks at their origins and their future, while honoring two of their visionary founders.

Every year, Starry Starry Night is an opportunity to turn a space into an entire attitude, and it’s always fun to allow the people they honor to be our inspiration.