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Drake leads nonprofit seminar for Dutchess Chamber

Drake leads nonprofit seminar for Dutchess Chamber

December 4, 2018   |   Identity

When we went from working for a multinational to running our own company, we very suddenly understood that you have to let people know what you want to do if you want any chance of doing it for them.

Giving that our jobs have always centered around communicating ideas, that probably shouldn’t have been a shock for us. But we were young and naive, and we thought that since our work was good that should be enough.

It isn’t enough.

People have to know what you can do for them. Successful for-profits have always understood that on some level. But too often with nonprofits, we meet resistance on this front. The work they do is good, it has real social value, and they worry that communicating that might somehow cheapen it.

The driving message of the seminar for nonprofits that we gave for the Dutchess Regional Chamber of Commerce on November 14, 2018, was that when you attach your communications to achieving your mission they become an essential aspect of strategy. Far from cheapening your work, your communications help to advance it. They become every bit as important as your strategic plan. Nonprofits as a sector have grown massively in this country. They employ millions of people and provide critical services, so they are worth supporting.

That makes it all the more important that you communicate your mission clearly and position yourself in a way that people know what you do and why it deserves their support.

And we want to help you do that.